AAA Holding Group LTD, a British Biggest DAP Fertiliser, Commits to Exchange Technology and Raw Materials with the USA and the UK

Di-ammonium Phosphate fertiliser, otherwise known as DAP, is the most popular type of fertiliser in the Eastern hemisphere. They had dominated this field for years, only to be contested by the AAA Holding Group recently.

According to the company’s CEO, Mr Amet Selman, AAA Holding is more than capable of producing nearly a million tons of diammonium phosphate within a year:

AAA Holding Group is the sole manufacturer and supplier of finished phosphate products in Iraq. We operate mines and production facilities in the Middle East and South America, which produce concentrated phosphate crop nutrients and phosphate-based animal feed ingredients. Our Iraq phosphates operations can produce 0.75 million tons of phosphate fertiliser.” — Amet Selman - Chairman and CEO of AAA Holding Group

The company has sealed a long-term partnership contract with the Iraqi government. It will continue supplying Iraq with not less than 750,000 tons of fertiliser products per year via the ministry of agriculture.

Counted among the largest producers of DAP, MAP, and NPK fertiliser producers in the area, AAA Holding Group ltd has announced that it plans to work on exchanging technology and raw materials with the leading USA and UK-based companies in the field.

One of the primary focuses of AAA Holding’s Iraq fertiliser production encompasses creating nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium-based ingredients commonly referred to as NPK fertilisers.

Widely acclaimed for their ability to enhance and hasten plant growth while promoting rejuvenating properties in damaged leaves, NPK fertilisers made by AAA Holding specialists are likely to replace their contemporary alternatives on US and UK soil.

The company also produces premium-quality mono ammonium phosphate fertilizers (MAP) rich in both phosphorous and nitrogen. AAA Group’s sophisticated phosphorous refinement techniques and access to cutting-edge technologies are leveraged into the manufacturing process, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of its MAP fertiliser products.

The low availability of MAP fertilisers across the United States and the United Kingdom is partly to blame for its popularity among beginner farmers and growers. It is the ultimate starting fertiliser typically applied during the sowing process, which is in high demand mainly because of its potent properties and all-around usefulness.

AAA Holding’s CEO, Mr Amet Selman had imparted that his company has its sights set on beginning multiple trade ventures with the United States soon, stating:

We are looking to open trading for raw materials and complete fertilizer products with the USA for around 600,000 tons per year, around USD Million 380,”” — Amet Selman - Chairman and CEO of AAA Holding Group

Being the first DAP fertiliser manufacturer in Iraq, AAA Holding is open to technology and material exchange with both America and the United Kingdom, hoping that these relationships will grow as healthy and long-lasting as the soil these products will enrich.

AAA Holding continues to invest, improve, and refine its crop fertilising methods and techniques and looks forward to collaborations with its new partners overseas.

The company’s official website has more information about AAA Holding and its products and services.

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