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Mr Mohammed Jaafar Al-Sadr the Iraq Ambassador to London received on 17/7/2023

Mr Amet Selman, CEO of AAA Holding Company and investor in the phosphate fertiliser plant in Basra. The Ambassador listened to a briefing given by Mr Selman on the company’s work in Iraq, which involves partnering with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to establish a phosphate fertiliser plant in Basra Governorate. The plant started operating last year and has been able to produce approximately 500,000 tons of fertilisers. The company is determined to expand the plant and build additional production lines within Iraq to meet local demand. Mr Selman explained that both the construction of the plant and the finance for it have been provided by Iraqi entities and they employ over 1500 Iraqi workers in the plant.

The Ambassador expressed appreciation for the company’s efforts and It’s initiative to invest in Iraq. He expressed the hope that it would serve as a good example for other Iraqi businessmen to invest in and contribute to the development of Iraq, which can only be achieved with the efforts of loyal sons. He emphasised the importance of the agricultural sector, the need for It’s development, and the provision of necessary requirements, including fertilisers. The Ambassador also discussed the possibility of holding an economic conference (industrial and agricultural) in collaboration with the company to encourage work and investment in Iraq.

Furthermore, the Embassy affirmed It’s readiness to provide all necessary facilities to the company to support the implementation and expansion of It’s work and investments in Iraq.🌾🌍πŸ’ͺ

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