Khour El Zubair, Basra, Iraq.

Sunday 24th July 2022

Success Story of a UK/Iraqi JV Historic Day for Iraqi Industry First DAP Fertilizer Plant Opened

The Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals, Manhal Al-Khabbaz, inaugurated the first DAP fertilizer plant within the Southern Fertilizer Complex, marking a successful joint venture between Iraq and the UK AAA Holding Group represented by company CEO  Amet Selman.

The big ceremony was attended by the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, the General Director of the State Company for Agricultural Supplies Taleb El Kaabi, the governor of Basra Aqeel Al-Fariji, the envoy of British Prime Minister Baroness Emma Nicholson, and several general managers and officials in the Ministries of Industry, Agriculture, and Basra province, as well as big audience from the press and the local community.

500000 tons per year of DAP fertilizer will be produced by 3 European-origin production lines with a total capacity of 1500 tons daily. The production will cover the needs of the Iraqi Agricultural Sector, with an expansion plan.In his speech following a round in the factory, the minister expressed his admiration for the advanced level of the factory. “We stand today with our heads raised because we were able to prove to the world that Iraq is rising again despite the challenges and circumstances it has experienced over the past years,” the Minister said, pointing out that “the ministry has taken it upon itself over the past two years to promote its factories and reach the best possibilities, and today we stand proudly in front of one of the important factories worked on by the Ministry of Industry through the efforts of all its leaders and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the local government in Basra”.
The minister was also satisfied with the “real partnership between the General Fertilizer Company and the British company”. The Speech of the General Director of the State Company of Agricultural Supplies also focused on the importance of the new DAP fertilizer plant to the Agricultural sector in Iraq especially after the latest international developments, appreciating the cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Ministry of Agriculture to provide fertilizers to the Iraqi farmers.In her speech, the British Baroness Nicholson thanked the Minister of Industry and Minerals, noting that the DAP fertilizer plant will support Iraqi industrial and agriculture sectors, and it proves that Iraq is a fertilizer producer, and the UK is proud to be part of this success.
At the end of the opening ceremony, the Minister witnessed the signing of an annual contract to supply the Ministry of Agriculture with DAP fertilizer for the quantity of (350,000) thousand tons as a first stage.


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