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Eleventh Iraq Day at Mansion House June 2023 IBBC Spring Conference

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It is indeed a great honour and privilege for myself , my family and my company , AAA Holdings Group to be in the Mansion House yesterday and I thank Lord Mayor and our hosts IBBC for giving me this opportunity.

AAA Holdings very much supports the aspirations that IBBC has for Iraq and we are proud to be principal sponsors of the conference today . 

As a UK registered company we believe in and adhere to the high standards of corporate governance.

At the same time we have ambitions to lead the way in showing how UK companies can do business in Iraq , can raise money from regional and . 

international banks. 

And by working with the State owned fertiliser company and the Ministry of Agriculture show that a PPP ( public private partnership) business model is possible .

As a company being a major supplier of fertiliser in Iraq we are supporting food production in a country where the sector is suffering great challenges from water shortages, climate change and increasing soil salinity. By working with international organisations like the International Fertiliser Association we are promoting technology and knowledge transfer to Iraq. We are currently employing and training over 1500 directly employed local staff and we work with Iraqi farmers to show them how to maximise food production. 

We are also diversifying the Iraqi economy away from oil and gas .

Iraq is a rich country with a large and growing population and I urge everyone here today to look for opportunities to do business there .

Thank you once again for this opportunity to address the conference.


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