Di-ammonium Phosphate

The worlds most popular fertilizer and most soluble in water




DAP, short for Diammonium Phosphate, is one of the most popular types of fertilisers used around the world. 



Diammonium phosphate (DAP) is a granulated fertiliser that is high in both phosphorus and nitrogen. The chemical formula for DAP is (NH4)2HPO4. It’s created by reacting ammonia with phosphoric acid.

DAP is valued for its high nutrient content—it is approximately 18% nitrogen and 46% phosphorus. The nitrogen supports leafy growth in plants, while the phosphorus is crucial for root development, blooming, and fruiting.

Farmers often apply DAP in the planting season because it helps to spur initial root growth. It’s suitable for a wide range of crops and soil types, which contributes to its popularity.

However, it’s also important to note that DAP can increase soil pH levels around the application area, which can impact the availability of certain nutrients to plants. Therefore, farmers should conduct soil testing to ensure they’re using the right type and amount of fertiliser for their specific soil conditions.

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