Our Expertise

Cultivating success from exceptional fertiliser sources and fortified by strong diplomatic ties, our British company thrives with two plants in Iraq. Our commitment to excellence drives our sustained growth, delivering high-quality fertilisers tailored to meet agricultural needs worldwide

International Relationships &
Exclusive Access

Strong Diplomatic Ties

The convergence of Britain's esteemed presence on the global business stage and Iraq's abundant natural resources underscores our reliability and trustworthiness as a strategic partner.

Two Modern Facilities

With two state of the art fertiliser plants in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, our product can be produced and exported expertly and efficiently, directly to local and global markets

A Commitment to the Future

In an ever-evolving global landscape, we are embracing the powers of AI to help maximise crop yields and provide more efficient farming practices for our customers

Our locations

Explore and contact our locations across the globe.

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