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Domestic demand for fertilizer in Iraq is growing to over two million tonnes, which is testament to it’s re-vitalized booming agriculture sector. As it grows however, supply of home produced fertilizer continues to outstrip demand and still provides the country with millions of tonnes for export. AAA holdings a British based company, has the advantage of operating a processing plant in Basra, southern Iraq not close to the Persian Golf. This allows us to provide industry leading Fertilizers on-site, whilst our plants position minimizes logistical costs and allows us to keep exports costs down.


AHG have a strong and proud relationship with the IFA and a commitment to fostetering strategic collaborations and ecological, innovation in the industry. In 2023 AHG were the elite sponsors for the IFA strategic forum in Doha, which focused on how can we truly harness innovation for our industry’s benefits. Our CEO Dr Amet Selman spoke at the event to industry leaders. We left with a bigger, stronger community and a re-newed vigor to move forward into a changing agricultural landscape.

Fertiliser Institution

Advocating for fair regulation and legislation, the Fertiliser Institution holds a crucial position in our membership priorities. Given the diverse approaches to fertilizer use across the countries we operate in, we rely on expert guidance from such institutions. We then educate our consumers using the latest data and scientific insights to optimize the efficiency of our products. This involves navigating governmental regulations and recognizing the pivotal role of food production in sustaining a growing population.

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