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Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

AAA Holding Group is a premier British fertiliser manufacturer, renowned for our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and exceptional service. With our roots in the UK, our influence extends globally, significantly shaping the agricultural sector.

Our Core Values

It is the ethical standards that we work to that allow us to trade with minimal friction across the globe, upholding the standards that make trust, stability and continual growth possible.

Our Leadership Team

With expertise spanning the fertilizer industry and with a global presence, our leadership team is committed to excellence in every aspect of our business.
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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Amet Selman

Chief Financial Officer

Hamad AlSadoon

Head of legal Department

Ihab Al Badry

Cheif Operating Officer

Reggad Selman

Cheif Technology Officer

Taha Ajina

Cheif Marketing and Business Developement Officer

Richard Cotton

Regional Manager

Sam Selman

Honourary Chairman

Abbas Fayyadh Salman

Our Strategic Advantages

Domestic demand for fertilizer in Iraq is surging, exceeding two million tonnes, reflecting the resurgence of its thriving agriculture sector. Despite this growth, the supply of domestically produced fertilizer consistently surpasses demand, enabling the country to export millions of tonnes. Leveraging our expertise and strategic offices across four global locations, we facilitate seamless operations, ensuring efficient and frictionless business transactions.

AAA holdings a British based company, has the advantage of operating a processing plant in Basra, southern Iraq not close to the Persian Golf. This allows us to provide industry leading Fertilizers on-site, whilst our plants position minimizes logistical costs and allows us to keep exports costs down.

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