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News and Conferences

Economic Impacts Of Using Super Phosphate Fertiliser In Agriculture

Ammonium Pyrophosphate: Applications, Properties, And Its Uses

How Diammonium Phosphate DAP Fertiliser Increases Cultivation?

Baroness Nicholson’s Mother Shines: Artistic Tribute to Fungi at Oxford Botanic Garden

AHG Explores Agricultural Expansion in Kurdistan Region

AHG, CEO Amet Selman, transforms Iraqi agriculture

Iraq announces Agricultural Reforms

Iraqi Fertiliser Firm to Help Farmers with New Reforms

Participating in AHG Iraq UK Trade Fair, June 2023

AHG Presenting Award Of Appreciation – June 2023

IBBC Spring Conf. 2023: 11th Iraq Day at Mansion House

Launching the first DAP fertilisers plant in Iraq

Amet Selman Urges Global Action on Money Laundering

Amet Selman: Business and Global Impact – Interview

AAAHG Expands into California’s Ag Supply Chain

CEO Amet Selman Attends Luncheon with UK PM

AHG New Line to Boost Iraqi Agriculture: 1M Ton Capacity

Iraq Ambassador Meets AHG CEO for Plant Investment

Rasmi Al Jabri Award presented to AAA Holding