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Ministry of Industry and Minerals

The State company of Fertilizers


A Historical Abstract

The Ministry of Construction had Commenced the first study to Construct of a Factory for chemical Fertilizer Production on 1953A.D upon the implementation of economic and technical studies by International firms. On October, 4th, 1967 a contract signal with Mitsubishi heavy Industries (MHI), for construction a fertilizer industry factory in Abu al.khassib, Basra; with designing capabilities

· Sulfuric Acid

· Ammonia

· Urea

· Ammonia Sulfate

On November, 2nd, 1969, a contract issued of establishment the state company for chemical fertilizer industry in Basra with a capital of 12 million I.D .At the beginning of 1971 ,the factory worked , and it reached the utmost capability on June , 27th ,1971. As the Iraqi people ambition was brought agricultural promotion; in addition this factory was insufficient to carry out the aims as concern.

Therefore; there was decision to enlarge the first factory capability by construct another one in the same site with a capital of 32 million I.D. With the following designing capability



On September 1973, a contract signed with mlti to construct the project which has been taken over On January, 1st, 1978.

Consequently of the demand for the urea for agricultural and Industrial Promotion; a decision had been taken to construct two huge Factories for urea Production with cost 192 Million I.D in khor alzubair with grand total production cacbility (of two factories):

· Urea 3200 ton/day

· Ammonia 2000 ton/day

A Project Contract had been signed with MHI on September 1975 .the first factory was taken over in 1979 ; the second one an tune 1979

The two companies {Abo al khassib & khor alzubair} incorporated with the state enterprise of fertilizer But in 1994 the two incorporated enterprise have disengaged enamel enterprise of fertilizer /southern Region in Khor ALzubair.