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Local and international memberships have given us the opportunity to share insights and opportunities whilst our global network strengthens our ability to deliver impactful solutions and drive positive change

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The Fertilizer Institute

A key advocate and resource hub for the fertiliser industry, promoting fair regulations, safety, environmental stewardship, and innovation.


A global industry innovator, the IFA focuses on promoting efficient and responsible production and use of plant nutrients essential for sustainable agriculture and global food security.

Chattam House

Being a member and being able to have Informed debate around international affairs has been a great asset to AHG, helping it to navigate a global market place with certainty.

Our work with the IBBC

Supporting business, trade, and investment between the UK, Iraq, and international entities - it is a vital conduit between AHG and it's global trade.

Our Chairman Dr Amet Selman has had the honour of chairing the committee for the past 12 months. With a focus on Agritech, the dialogue between two historic farming nations has so far been a great success with notable growth in the past year.

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