IBBC conference in Dubai, 2023: Building a Sustainable Future for Iraq

Thrilled to share our successful participation as the principal sponsor at the recent IBBC conference in Dubai. A landmark event, it focused on the crucial theme of ‘Building a Sustainable Future for Iraq.’

Our delegation, led by the Global COO Mrs Reggad Selman, the Global CMO Mr Richard Cotton, the Global CFO Mr Hamad Al-Sadoon, and the Global CTO Mr Taha Ajina, engaged in vital discussions about sustainable practices in business and education. These conversations are key to driving forward Iraq’s development and align perfectly with our commitment to sustainability.

A big thank you to IBBC for organizing this impactful event and to all participants for their insightful contributions. We’re excited to apply these learnings to our operations and look forward to continuing this journey at the Spring Conference in London.

Headquarters - UK

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