Empowering Communities

Enhancing global food security

We firmly believe that access to safe and nutritious food is a fundamental human right, and we recognize our role as a fertiliser manufacturer in supporting global food security.

Our mission is to empower farmers around the world with high-quality, efficient fertilisers that enhance soil fertility, increase crop yields, and contribute to sustainable agricultural practices. By delivering our products to farmers in diverse agricultural regions, we’re aiding in the cultivation of a more resilient and productive global food system.

empowering communities


Our comprehensive training programs are designed to provide hands-on experience and deep industry insight.
They encompass various facets of our business, ranging from production and research to sales and marketing, equipping participants with a broad understanding of the fertiliser manufacturing industry.


We actively create job opportunities tailored for young talents, offering roles in various locations that challenge, inspire, and foster growth. We believe in the power of learning by doing and strive to provide a nurturing and dynamic work environment where new ideas are welcomed, and innovation is encouraged.


We believe that like a plant, continued support is vital for anything vital to flourish.
Along with our training programs we are proud to be part of research groups such as the IBBC that offers vital business dialogue to Iraqi business' and also support local charities in the UK and business development projects in Iraq.

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