Case Study 3: AAA Holding Group’s Successful Export of UK-Manufactured NPK Fertiliser to Turkey (2022)

01 Sep 2023


Background: AAA Holding Group, a leading British fertilizer manufacturer, identified an emerging demand in Turkey for high-grade NPK fertilizer. With Turkey’s agricultural sector flourishing, there was a need for advanced fertilizers to enhance both yield and quality.

Objective: Establish a robust supply chain to export UK-manufactured NPK fertiliser to Turkey, aiming to capture a significant market share within one year.




1. Market Analysis: Conducted comprehensive research on Turkish agriculture, pinpointing the primary crops and understanding their fertilizer requirements.
2. British Manufacturing Excellence: Capitalized on the reputation of British manufacturing standards to produce a superior NPK blend.
3. Logistics and Shipping: Partnered with reliable logistics firms to ensure timely and safe delivery from the UK to Turkey.
4. Customization: Crafted a NPK blend specific to the soil and crop requirements of Turkey.
5. Price Point: While ensuring the product reflected its premium UK origin, pricing was set
to be competitive in the Turkish market.
6. Educational Outreach: Organized workshops and demos in Turkey to showcase the
benefits of the UK-manufactured NPK blend.



  1. Set up a dedicated manufacturing line in the UK for the Turkish market.

  2. Ensured strict quality controls in line with both British standards and Turkish agricultural


  3. Collaborated with leading shipping companies to optimize export routes and reduce shipping times.

Results after One Year:

  1. AAA Holding Group secured a 18% market share of the NPK segment in Turkey.

  2. Witnessed a 28% increase in sales, making Turkey one of their most successful markets.

  3. Feedback from Turkish farmers indicated an average 14% increase in crop yields using

    AAA’s NPK fertilizer.

  4. Established a strong brand presence and loyalty in the Turkish agricultural community.


  1. Navigating the complexities of international shipping and customs.

  2. Addressing concerns about importing fertilizers post-Brexit.

  3. Overcoming skepticism from farmers used to local or closer regional products.

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