Case Study 2 : AAA Holding Group Ltd’s 25-Year Investment: Building Iraq’s Largest DAP Factory with a Production Capacity of 1 Million Tons Per Year

01 Sep 2023


Introduction: Investment longevity speaks volumes about a company’s commitment. In a monumental 25-year contract, AAA Holding Group Ltd, in partnership with the Iraq State Company for Fertilisers Industry, embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to construct Iraq’s most substantial DAP fertilizer factory.

Background: Location Iraq, targeting both the burgeoning local market and nearby regions.Company: AAA Holding Group Ltd, renowned for its ambitious and long-term investment perspectives.Local Partner: Iraq State Company for Fertilisers Industry, an entity with unmatched local industry prowess.




The Challenge:

  1. Scale of Operation: Managing the intricacies of building and running a facility with a mammoth annual capacity of 1 million tons.

  2. Long-Term Vision: Ensuring the factory’s operations remain viable and sustainable over the 25-year contract duration.

  3. Integration with Local Systems: Seamlessly meshing global best practices with the existing local industrial ecosystem.


The Strategy:

1. In-depth Market Analysis: Undertaking a comprehensive market study to gauge local and regional demands for the next few decades.
2. Technology Infusion: Adopting cutting-edge technologies to ensure high production efficiency and quality.
3. Community Engagement: Ensuring the local community is actively involved and benefits from the establishment.


1. Phased Construction: The factory was built in stages to allow for periodic assessments and adjustments.
2. Training and Skill Development: Continuous programs were launched to train the local workforce, emphasizing both technical skills and safety protocols.
3. Sustainable Practices: Initiatives were introduced to make the facility environmentally friendly, focusing on waste reduction and energy efficiency.


1. Operational Mastery: Within the first year, the factory was producing at 80% of its capacity, with projections to reach 100% in the subsequent year.
2. Economic Surge: The local economy experienced a notable upswing, with direct and indirect job creations exceeding 1,000 positions.
3. Regional Dominance: The factory’s products quickly gained traction, positioning it as a leading DAP supplier in the Middle East.

Work plan photo-12


Conclusion: AAA Holding Group Ltd’s visionary 25-year investment, in partnership with the Iraq State Company for Fertilisers Industry, stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic, long-term investments. This mammoth DAP factory not only uplifts Iraq’s industrial .profile but also cements the region’s position on the global fertiliser map.

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