BAGHDAD, July 19, 2023 – AAA Holding Group, a pioneering global enterprise, has revealed its ambitious plans to bolster Iraq’s agricultural sector. The group is set to extend and expand its manufacturing plant in Iraq with a new Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) production line capable of producing a staggering 1 million tons per annum.

DAP, a major source of phosphorus and nitrogen, is a crucial nutrient for the growth of a diverse range of crops. The projected capacity of the new production line stands to revolutionize the Iraqi agricultural landscape and self-sustain the nation’s fertilizer needs.

Beyond the substantial boost to the domestic fertilizer supply, the project also entails significant civil engineering works. AAA Holding Group is working meticulously to secure materials, workforce, and manage timelines to ensure a successful execution of this expansion.

The company is working in close collaboration with local government officials and stakeholders. Together, they aim to meet all regulatory requirements and secure the necessary permits for the project.

AAA Holding Group acknowledges the potential environmental risks posed by DAP production, which involves the use of sulfuric and phosphoric acids. The company has committed to implementing robust waste management systems and disposal procedures to minimize environmental impact.

AAA Holding Group’s substantial investment signifies a bold step forward in bolstering Iraq’s agricultural productivity. With the planned production capacity of 1 million tons of DAP per annum, the project is set to create a ripple effect, enhancing food security and boosting the national economy.

In a related development, a sister company of AAA Holding Group has announced its intention to invest $4 billion in phosphate mining in the western regions of Iraq. This landmark investment further highlights the group’s commitment to bolstering the country’s agricultural sector.

Phosphate is a key raw material for Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) production. Securing a local supply chain by investing in phosphate mining could significantly streamline the group’s DAP production process, reducing dependency on imported raw materials.

This investment not only promises an economic boost to the regions where mining will occur but also aligns with the group’s strategy of enhancing domestic agricultural capabilities. With this substantial investment, the sister company aims to tap into Iraq’s rich phosphate reserves and contribute to creating a sustainable, self-reliant agricultural ecosystem in the country.

This tandem of investments by AAA Holding Group and its sister company presents a holistic approach to strengthening Iraq’s agricultural sector. The considerable financial commitment underscores their long-term vision of fostering growth, self-sustainability, and economic resilience in Iraq.

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