“AAA Holding Group, Led by CEO Amet Selman, Ushers in a New Era of Fertilizer and Agricultural Advancement in Iraq “

BAGHDAD –September 5, 2023 – AAA Holding Group, under the visionary leadership of CEO Amet Selman, in collaboration with the State Company for Fertilizer Industry, is set to redefine agricultural standards in Iraq with a groundbreaking initiative. The partnership aims to ensure the soil’s optimal health by promoting a tailor-made approach to fertilizer application based on advanced soil analysis.
This revolutionary strategy, a first for Iraq, will transition away from traditional blanket fertilizer application to a scientifically backed, evidence-based approach. The essence is simple but profound: every soil type has unique needs, and by addressing these specific requirements, farmers can achieve unprecedented crop yields.
“Agriculture is the backbone of Iraq, and its future relies heavily on our ability to adapt and innovate,” commented Amet Selman, CEO of AAA Holding Group. “Through this initiative, we are not only supporting the farmers of today but are laying a robust foundation for generations to come.”
Highlighting the significance of soil health in ensuring food security, this partnership merges state-of-the-art soil analysis techniques with top-tier fertilizer production to offer unparalleled value to Iraq’s agricultural community.
The inaugural phase of this ambitious project is slated to begin in October 2023 , with select farms across various Iraqi regions participating. These farms will undergo detailed soil testing, with subsequent fertilizer recommendations tailored to their unique soil compositions.
By championing the idea that every patch of land has its distinct fertilizing needs, AAA Holding Group and the State Company for Fertilizer Industry are on the cusp of sparking an agricultural renaissance in Iraq, promising sustained growth, environmental sustainability, and enhanced farm productivity.
For the first time in Iraq, this challenge seeks to shift the traditional methods of fertilizer application by introducing an evidence-based approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all method, AAA Holding Group and its esteemed partner are championing a movement where soil analysis will be the cornerstone of fertilizer distribution.
“Every patch of land has unique needs, and understanding these needs is paramount to achieving optimal crop yield and quality,” said Richard Cotton , a representative from AAA Holding Group. “By ensuring that each parcel of land receives the exact nutrients it requires, we’re not just promoting sustainable agriculture, but we’re also safeguarding the health of our soils for future generations.”
This initiative underscores the importance of scientific agriculture in ensuring food security and sustainability in a region where these issues are paramount. By marrying advanced soil analysis techniques with high-quality fertilizer production, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value to Iraqi farmers.
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